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Leicester, Midlands LPG conversions

LPG conversions Leicester and Midlands- How much does it cost | What will I save?

"LPG Conversions in Leicester, Midlands" benefits are as follows:

Environment Benefits of LPG
"LPG" produces far less carbon dioxide than petrol and fewer particulates and nitrogen oxides than diesel.  Use of "LPG" resulted in a 20% saving on CO2 over petrol and a 1.8% saving compared with diesel.

Savings of around 40% - 45% compared with petrol.

Financial Savings OF "LPG conversions in Leicester"
You can save up to 40-45% off your fuel bill.  This means that both the private motorist and the business user can make significant financial savings by switching to LPG.  Due to cuts in fuel duty, "LPG" retails for approximately half the price of petrol and diesel. LPG vehicles also qualify for cheaper road tax.

"Convert Your Car to LPG" with LPG IT in "Leicester", "Midlands"
Most cars having a petrol engine with spark ignition can be converted to LPG, but it is essential that you use a fully trained LPG specialist for the work. It costs between £1100/£1500 to convert a car or a light van. This outlay can be quickly recouped via lower running costs.  Converted vehicles can be set up to run on both LPG and petrol. The petrol tank remains in the car, and you can change from one fuel to the other at the flick of a  switch.  Currently there are more than 1,700 LPG refuelling stations in the UK, and this number is constantly increasing.

"LPG" now has by far the largest re-fuelling infrastructure of any of the alternative fuels and LPG vehicles continue to offer a viable economic alternative to petrol and diesel.

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